Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spoon Center

Every summer I like to spend some of my time creating things to add to my centers in the fall.  Here is an idea to make a simple center that has a variety of uses. 

Materials Needed:
A box of plastic spoons
A permanent marker
Baggies for storing the spoons

Let’s say you want to make an alphabet center.  On the scoop section of each spoon you would write a letter.  Students would then put each spoon in ABC order.  You could then have them write the letters or words they made on a sheet of paper.  Here are other reading ideas for using spoons on multiple grade levels.


  • Match upper and lowercase letters
  • Make words from the word wall, sight words, or spelling words
  • Create words using word family endings on some spoons and beginning sounds on others
  • Create words using the first two letters on one spoon and an ending sound on other spoons
  • Create sentences with sight words, CVC words and CVCe words written on spoons


  • Laying number spoons out in numerical order
  • Separating odd and even
  •  Using spoons in addition or subtraction problems
  • Patterning
  • Match number of dots to numeral
  •  Place value- pull 3 spoons out of a bag and make the largest or smallest number possible.  This could be done with another student.  For older students you could have them pull out more spoons.
  • Multiplication
  • Greater than, less than with number spoons and symbols
  • Order of operations
  • Addition of greater numbers- each student pulls out two spoons that have 3 or 4 digit numbers on them and adds them on a piece of paper.
  •  Graphing –place spoons with different shapes drawn on the spoons.  Students will pull out a specified number of spoons and graph the number of each shape.
  • Math vocabulary- students will take turns pulling out a spoons and explaining what the math term means.  –addend, subtrahend, product, acute angle, etc.

I liked to use a variety of different color spoons to make the activities more fun for kids.  I had a box labeled “Spoon Centers” where I kept all the baggies of spoon centers.  The outside of the box had a list of all the spoon centers inside.  Each baggie had a label for easy retrieval when I wanted to add a specific center.

I have this as a FREEBIE on my TpT store.  The mats in the freebie are mostly for Pre-K through 2nd grade, but the activities can be done without the freebie mats for higher grade levels.

Have fun making spoon centers!

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