Friday, June 24, 2016

Splash - Primary Math Literature

Splash by Ann Jonas
A great book for the primary grades (Pre-K to 1) to teach addition and subtraction is Splash by Ann Jonas.  In this picture book a child is counting the animals in the pond.  At first it starts with counting the fish in the pond, and later the frogs, adding animals as they jump into the water.

Eventually, the animals start coming out of the pond as the child subtracts the animals.  In my classroom I would read the picture book and ask my children to add the animals using manipulatives.  The addition facts would continue until there were ten animals.  Then animals would climb out of the pond as my children subtracted their manipulatives.

It is a good way for children to visualize what is happening when you add or subtract. 

Other ways you can use the picture book is to:

  • Have children act out the story as you read it.
  • Create a flannel board story using pictures of fish, dogs, and frogs.
  • Change the number of animals being added or subtracted for more able students.

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